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Finding Joy in the Everyday Moments

by Katie Danna-Poston, Cohort 10

Over the past few years, I have practiced being more intentional about recognizing the joy present in the ordinary moments of everyday life. It seems the simple practice of jotting down the glimmers, or small moments that spark joy, helps to prime my brain to take note of and experience more joy. It feels like the more I specifically seek out joy, the more joy I experience. While the sources of glimmers vary by person, I wanted to share a few of mine with all of you beautiful humans.

  • The feeling of my dog nestling in around my feet for a good night’s rest
  • The wonder and amusement on my nephew, Rory’s face experiencing his new bubble machine in action for the first time
  • Hearing my wife randomly laugh from another room in the house
  • The warmth of my nephew’s tiny hand grabbing onto mine
  • The sound of my two-year-old neighbor’s voice calling out to me from his yard
  • The hilarity of my eldest dog walking directly towards the running sprinkler valve while being confused as to why she’s getting wet
  • The fearless and adventurous imagination of my four-year-old niece, Sibi, on a mission to hunt bears, lions, and dragons for hours on end (if you know, you know: “We’re going on a bear hunt! We’re gonna catch a BIG ONE!”)
  • Basking in a sincere compliment from a colleague
  • The feeling of the warm sun on my skin during my afternoon walk taking in the vibrant colors of Spring
  • A beautiful, sunny day for an impromptu road trip to be there for a friend in need
  • Watching ideas and years of advocacy come to fruition and hearing connections being made across partners
  • Trimming back the lamb’s ear plant in my backyard to make room for new growth
  • Checking off items on my to-do list, signaling progress and productivity
  • The warm glow of self-connection and self-love following a breathwork practice
  • Experiencing the connection, solidarity, and community of support and belonging with Bueller friends who join the BECLN LGBTQTIA+ & Fierce Allies Affinity Group

As I redefine and rethink what self-care looks like for me, the pessimist and realist in me must seek out and grab hold of joy in whatever form it comes my way. Embracing the glimmers in everyday life is an act of self-preservation, self-care, and self-love. When I’m exhausted, the days are long, the news is heartbreaking, and there’s still more work to do, this practice helps sustain my energy and hope for the future.