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The History

The History

The Buell Early Childhood Leaders Network (BECLN) grew in response to graduates of BECLP eagerness to further engage in networking and leadership learning, and repeatedly expressed their continued need for support in order to promote the BECLP vision in their programs and communities.  

In July of 2012, the first grant was funded to support the work of the Buell Early Childhood Leaders Network.

Through network-funded activities, BECLP alumni have stayed connected to their Buell colleagues, grown their professional development through annual retreats, have supported future Buell Fellows through alumni recruitment and mentorship, and have taken on a variety of leadership roles both within and beyond the network.  

BECLN continues to embolden a growing network of leaders to be a voice for what is needed for children and their families and to provide a safe, relevant, and rejuvenating place with and for Buell Leaders to connect and co-create possibility for themselves, our communities, and Colorado as a whole.