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The Network

Catalyzing Leadership in Colorado

The Buell Early Childhood Leaders Network is a collaborative network of Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program AlumniWe believe effective leadership is fundamental to achieving equity, opportunity, and excellence for all young children and families.

The BECLN holds a shared belief about leadership that was begun in our work as BECLP Fellows, in the power of this network to promote positive action on behalf of children and their families and to provide a safe, relevant, and rejuvenating place with/for Buell Leaders to connect and co-create possibility for themselves, programs, organizations, communities, and the State as a whole.

Who We Are

We are a collaborative network of BECLP Alumni intentionally connecting as a diverse group of leaders, committed to serving as agents for change across the Colorado early childhood landscape at the program, organization, city, county and state level.

What We Do

The Alumni Network connects our over 200 leaders with learning opportunities, space to build relationships, and take action to grow their leadership in the field of early childhood learning, health, and beyond. We do this through:

We Do this Through

Regional Meetings & Pop-Up Meetings

Regional meetings and events are designed by and for Alumni throughout our six Network regions.

The BECLN Annual Retreat

BECLN’s Annual Retreat is designed and facilitated by the Alumni Leaders Council (ALC) and incorporates components of leadership learning, growth and development, networking and self-care.

The BECLP Symposium

Alumni welcome the latest cohort to the Alumni Network and observe Capstone presentations, along with welcoming the incoming cohort, and engaging in leadership learning, networking and regional work.

Our Values

In our leadership practice, we value:


We align our leadership actions with our leadership beliefs.


We seek opportunities to give and receive social supports.


We gain leadership knowledge and expertise.


We challenge and celebrate each other as leaders.

How We Do This

Buell Leaders

Engage in the Network in order to promote equity, opportunity, and educational excellence for all young children and families.

Alumni Leaders Council

Supports the shared belief, values and approach of the Network and support for holistically implementing activities related to those shared values.

Regional Connectors

Individualize and locally implement the Network’s shared belief, mission, values and approaches with Buell Leaders in their region.


Serves as the steward, convenor, connector and manager for the work of the Network.

Partnership Team

Provides guidance and oversight to ensure successful implementation of the BECLN grant.