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Early Childhood Systems Specialist

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Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE)

This position provides population health and health systems expertise to improve developmental and social-emotional screening, referral and intervention processes for children birth to three-years old. This position provides leadership for the interagency Early Childhood Screening and Referral Policy Council to address statewide systems and policy changes for child developmental and social-emotional screening, referral and intervention systems, including coordination with other state agency partners, including but not limited to the Colorado Department of Human Services; the Colorado Department of Education; and the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. Leading this group includes responsibility for the development and implementation of a policy agenda to strengthen data linkages across agencies to increase the availability and accuracy of aggregate data. This position will bring these policy and systems change recommendations to CDPHE’s eHealth Commissioner/CHED Division Director and/or the CDPHE Health Information Branch Manager for strategic planning and implementation. Accomplishing these data linkages will require CDPHE and other state agencies to change and/or refine their data sharing processes and procedures. This position also represents the Department on the Colorado Interagency Coordinating Council (the statutorily required advisory body for Part C Early Intervention program at the Colorado Department of Human Services). The early intervention program is a critical component of the system that supports children from screening to referral to intervention when developmental and/or social-emotional concerns are identified. By representing CDPHE on this council, this position has the opportunity to influence key decisions made to the early intervention program, as well as create opportunities for interagency systems change.

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