Early Childhood Partners,
The Early Childhood Colorado Partnership (ECCP) is seeking committed, enthusiastic partners to serve on the Steering Committee. Scroll down to access the full application.
The ECCP provides the space and conditions for diverse partners across the early childhood system -- encompassing health, mental health, family support and early learning – to come together to identify common results, share best practices, and implement strategies to improve system effectiveness for child and family well-being. The ECCP organizes its work around the four shared results in the Early Childhood Colorado Framework:

  • Children reach their developmental potential and are ready to succeed in school and in life
  • Adults are knowledgeable, responsible, and interact effectively with and on behalf of children
  • Environments that impact young children are safe, stable and supportive
  • Localities and the state attain economic and social benefits by prioritizing children and families

The Steering Committee provides strategic leadership and stewardship through building key relationships and monitoring the ongoing progress of ECCP goals and activities. We are looking to recruit individuals who will provide unique and culturally diverse perspectives, reflective of all Colorado communities, in addition to individuals who can offer content expertise.

The Steering Committee seeks to grow a team representing diverse backgrounds and experiences. This includes individuals who:

  • Represent the various sectors (government, policy, non-profit, business, family leadership, and community-based organizations) that encompass the broad and diverse early childhood landscape in Colorado;
  • Represent a variety of age groups, gender identities, sexual orientations, socio-economic backgrounds;
  • Are emerging early childhood leaders;
  • Are of an ethnically, racially, and/or culturally diverse background;
  • Are leaders in their community;
  • Have experience navigating early childhood systems for children in their care;
  • Are professionals working directly with young children and families;
  • Work in a variety of settings where families and children interact with systems including early care and education, public health agencies, museums, libraries, community-based programs, special and high needs programs, health & human services offices, mental health agencies, health clinics, school-based health centers, non-profit organizations, grant-making foundations, and state agencies;
  • Have a variety of training and education including family leadership, early care and education, special needs, public health, social work, policy, mental and physical health, community coalition building, homelessness, research and evaluation, communications, business, multi-generation approaches, marketing, etc.
  • Live in areas throughout the state including urban, rural and frontier communities.

ECCP Steering Committee roles and responsibilities will take approximately 4-5 hours per month and will include:

  • Attending Steering Committee meetings with regularity to implement the annual ECCP work plan, track progress, monitor ECCP resources, and ensure the overall health and sustainability of the ECCP. Communication occurs primarily over email with remote monthly meetings via webinar, with option to attend in person;
  • Engaging in ECCP related Action Teams and activities, communicating and providing direction to the Action Teams;
  • Ensuring sustainability and guiding the financial direction for the ECCP;
  • Connecting with early childhood leaders on behalf of the ECCP to build alignment, relationships, and sustainability;
  • Supporting and attending ECCP activities and events;
  • Committing to one year of guidance with the option to reapply.

You can find more information on the Early Childhood Colorado Partnership, including resources and tools, on the website at www.earlychildhoodcoloradopartnership.org.

Applications are due by no later than Friday, May 12 at 5pm MDT.
Please note that you will receive a reply by email confirming your application has been received. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact The Civic Canopy at (303) 292-3144 x212 to confirm your submission was received.
The ECCP appreciates your support!



The Early Childhood Colorado Partnership Steering Committee