The Colorado Department of Education is announcing an available position:
P-3 Director

This position will provide leadership for preschool through third grade programs within the Department.  The programs include:  Preschool Special Education, Colorado Preschool Program and Results Matter, Early Childhood Professional Development, READ Act and School Readiness.

Application information and closing date for the position can be found at https://www.cde.state.co.us/cdemgmt/hr/jobs.

Minimum Qualifications:

  Advanced degree in early childhood, early literacy or relevant related area.
 Successful leadership experience in Preschool to 3rd Grade publicly funded educational settings (school district and/or community based) including the demonstrated ability to improve developmental and educational outcomes for all students.

  Demonstrated knowledge of scientifically-based reading research and research-based practices for early language and literacy development for native and non-native English speakers and students with disabilities.

  Demonstrated knowledge of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

  Proven ability to lead, implement, and monitor large-scale, multi-unit projects with accountability for measurable outcomes.

 Successful administrative and management experience leading change efforts, including proven planning and execution skills.

 Knowledge of Colorado's Early learning and Development Guidelines, the Colorado Academic Standards, and Colorado English Language Proficiency Standards.

  Knowledge of the state and national early childhood and literacy assessment landscape, including assessments for screening, progress monitoring, formative assessment practice, and summative assessment.

 Demonstrated ability to work through ambiguity to bring clarity to roles and tasks to meet deliverables.

 Ability and willingness to travel.

Preferred Qualifications:

 Advanced degree in early childhood, early literacy or relevant related area.

  Extensive professional learning or educational experience in early childhood development and commitment to developmentally appropriate educational practices.

 Demonstrated knowledge of adult learning theory and relationship-based technical assistance.

 Knowledge of the READ Act, Colorado Preschool Program, Results Matter, and School Readiness components of CAP4K and Colorado's Early Childhood Workforce 2020 plan.

  Effective written and oral communication and conflict resolution skills.

  Knowledge of factors contributing to achievement gaps, targeted strategies for closing achievement gaps across all disaggregated student groups, and proven ability to apply research-based strategies that lead to improved achievement.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

 Facilitate the articulation and implementation of a shared vision within the Preschool to 3rd Grade Office for early learning and development systems serving children from birth through age 8. This includes managing and supervising the following teams within the office: Preschool Special Education, Colorado Preschool Program and Results Matter, Early Childhood Professional Development, READ Act and School Readiness.

  Lead key early learning metrics, initiatives, services, and supports for the state, ensuring that improved early learning outcomes for all children, preschool through 3rd grade, are embedded and aligned within CDE's strategic goals.

  Lead the department's Preschool to 3rd Grade literacy work group to ensure coherent, coordinated statewide implementation of the early literacy initiatives.

  Lead and partner with the early childhood community including the Early Childhood Leadership Commission and the Office of Early Childhood at CDHS.

 Serve in a statewide Preschool to 3rd Grade leadership role by building and maintaining effective relationships with state, county, district, community, business and national organizations and agencies.

  Function as the Preschool to 3rd Grade Office lead for negotiating and implementing interagency agreements with the CDHS and other state agencies.

  Work collaboratively with the Preschool through 3rd Grade program leads; including Preschool Special Education, Colorado Preschool Program and Results Matter, Early Childhood.

  Consistently deliver CDE's commitment to service and support, aligning the office goals with CDE's mission and vision.

 Collaborate with other offices within the Teaching and Learning Unit, the Exceptional Student Services Unit, and other relevant units within the department.

 Effectively position personnel to support the successful implementation of birth through 3rd grade policies and programs across local districts, communities, and the state system, ensuring access to all children birth through 3rd grade.

  Work collaboratively across the department to ensure high quality collection, analysis, and reporting of all required data related to birth through 3rd grade children. This includes the collection and analysis specific to children with disabilities. Utilize available data to drive resource allocations (i.e., personnel, professional learning, technical assistance, and budgeting).

  Professional Development, Read Act and School Readiness, to ensure that funds for Preschool through 3rd Grade programs are properly leveraged, accessed, appropriated, and utilized.

 Other duties as assigned.