General Description

The Child Care Provider Recruitment Specialist promotes and recruits new child and school age formal (licensed) and informal (family, friend and neighbor) care providers, helps them establish a sound business practice, and, as appropriate, connects providers to the licensure process. This position works closely with Promises for Children (PFC) staff and early childhood specialists to promote provider participation in the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) through the Weld County Department of Human Services (WCDHS).

Responsibilities Provider Recruitment and Support  Develop relationships with faith communities, schools and school districts, social networks, civic organizations, caregiver support groups, etc., sharing the need for additional Weld County child care provider capacity and engaging them in recruitment outreach.  Outreach to recruit new infant, toddler and school age care providers, focusing on developing WCDHS qualified exempt providers that accept CCCAP. Messaging includes 1) the personal livelihood benefit of becoming a home-based care provider and 2) providers accepting CCCAP.  Maintain a database of potential new FFN and school age child care providers.  Assist providers in development in setting up their child care practice and adopting business management and space utilization best practices. This can include assisting in the development of a business plan.  Facilitate providers in becoming CCCAP qualified including recruiting for more CCCAP slots at existing providers.  Develop and maintain relationships with local child care licensure staff.  Identify providers interested in the licensure process, including referrals from WCDHS and other sources, and connect them to licensure resources.  Create awareness of and promote to providers local and surrounding area professional development opportunities (i.e. EQIT, UWWC Love to Learn, Mile High United Way conference for Spanish-only speaking providers, etc.).  Participate in appropriate child care associations, Promises for Children Professional Development Committee, and applicable statewide meetings and events.  Increase provider involvement in child care associations, including developing provider support and growth groups, with the aim of maintaining and developing their business practice and efficacy of product delivery.  Submit reports on trainings, conferences, and meetings attended, as well as other activity for monthly accomplishments reports.  Manage program budget.  Financial management and organizational and grant monthly reporting; insure expenditures do not exceed budget amounts and purposes specified in funder contracts, agreements, grants, or memorandums of understanding.  Develop and maintain positive relationships with agencies, organizations, volunteers, funders, and community members throughout Weld County.  Remain current with children’s issues in Weld County, Colorado, and nationwide.  Increase knowledge of Early Childhood Education (ECE) theory and best practices.

United Way of Weld County General • Support and promote the mission, values, goals and objectives of UWWC, including representing UWWC in professional organizations and the community (as assigned). • Support fundraising efforts of UWWC and activities that support UWWC. • Support UWWC annual events, UWWC disaster response, and other activities as assigned. • Attend weekly staff meetings and in service opportunities. • Other duties as assigned. Skills/Qualifications/Experience  Project management experience.  Advertising and marketing experience, including online and social media.  Ability to multi-task and prioritize multiple deadlines.  Ability to navigate and learn new information systems.  Extremely well organized and ability to work with minimal supervision at high level of effort.  Ability to manage budgets, analyze actuals, and project changes throughout the year.  Working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite with special emphasis on Excel and Word; additional software proficiency a plus.  Knowledge and skills regarding the principles and components of high quality child care.  Ability to work in collaborative efforts to effectively engage multiple stakeholders.  Ability to work effectively with groups and individuals that represent a variety of needs, abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, educational and early childhood philosophies.  Ability to understand and interpret financial reports and legal documents.  Excellent verbal and written skills, including the ability to write reports.  Ability to present information to a variety of audiences including child care providers, public groups, executive management, and/or board of directors.  Effective problem solving and customer service skills, including demonstrated skills in successful conflict resolution.  Willingness to work collaboratively with other employees and supervisors.  Bi-lingual preferred.

Position Status Full-time salary non-exempt – EOE – Background check required Salary Range: $30,000-$34,000 annually depending on experience