·         Are you passionate about sharing the power of early literacy with those who care for young children?

  • Are you proactive, collaborative, and savvy at project management?
  • Are you ready to lead change in early literacy throughout Colorado? 

If the answer is yes to these questions, drop everything and apply for one of two positions that the Colorado State Library just announced at http://www.cde.state.co.us/cdemgmt/hr/jobs.

Growing Readers Together Coordinator

The Coordinator, based in Denver, will establish state-level partnerships focused in early literacy efforts for unlicensed caregivers of children under the age of five. This person will oversee all aspects of the grant, including procurement of early literacy materials for libraries and caregivers, training, marketing, and grant management and reporting. This position is perfect for you if you like launching new projects, facilitating meaningful change, and working with a dynamic and enthusiastic group of people both at the State Library and throughout Colorado.  Spanish is a plus as we engage with families and caregivers in both English and Spanish.

Early Literacy Specialist

Based in central/south Colorado (Colorado Spring, Pueblo, southeast), this early literacy specialist will work with public libraries and other early childhood/family literacy organizations to develop local coalitions for early literacy. Are you a strong networker who feels confident reaching out to informal childcare providers? Do you feel confident in developing training and processes for increasing early literacy experiences for children both in libraries and childcare centers? Join us! The ability to speak and write in Spanish fluently will be important to connect with caregivers throughout the region.


Based on Colorado libraries’ excellent track record of reaching parents and licensed childcare providers with early literacy strategies for children, the Colorado State Library is launching a new initiative – Growing Readers Together! An initiative spearheaded by an enthusiastic foundation, this initial pilot year (December 2016 through August 2017) will include the launch of early literacy coalitions in 14 communities, including Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Lamar, Canon City, Walsenburg, Alamosa, Limon, Ordway, and La Jara. You get the idea: big, medium, and small communities will be designing locally viable early literacy services for non-licensed caregivers.

These fourteen public libraries are ready to reach out to non-licensed caregivers of children under the age of five. These two positions will support that effort. 

These local prototypes will involve partner agencies. Best of all, these two staff members will work closely with partners, community libraries, and childcare providers to offer services, materials, and training so that early literacy experiences are increased for very young children. Be part of this exciting pilot that we plan to expand, through additional grants, in the future and in other parts of Colorado.

Join us!

Sharon Morris, Ph.D., MLIS
Director, Library Development

Colorado State Library