Buell Leaders Discuss Funding in ECE

In this BECLN Leaders Podcast, Buell Leaders, funders, and policymakers share their perspectives on funding within the field of Early Childhood in Colorado. The discussion leads into what makes ECE unique, what are the challenges, and what are the successes. We feature experts from public, private, and governmental funding backgrounds that help is better understand how the funding process works here in Colorado. In addition, we ask our panel of experts how teachers and programs can best position themselves to qualify for or receive funding for their programming.  


In this Buell Leaders Spotlight, we focus in on Geof Byerly, member of the 7th Cohort in Cortez, Colorado. This video was created by Brett Dabb, member of the 6th Cohort.


Buell Leaders Discuss P-3 Alignment

In this BECLN Podcast, we feature Buell Leaders' voices and perspectives from around the State on the topic of P-3 Alignment. In practice, P-3 Alignment works to create strong relationships between all levels of the early childhood system. By supporting the alignment of the grades and classes, students are better placed in situations where they can thrive and learn. With a better idea of where students are and where they are going, teachers are better able to meet the needs of each student. In our conversation, we focus on how P-3 Alignment changes evaluation, training, and classroom curriculum to support student development. 


Buell Leaders Discuss Worthy Wages in ECE

This month's BECLN Podcast interviews Early Childhood Leaders from around the State of Colorado on the important topic of worthy wages. Our key questions are: Why are ECE teachers paid less than other professions, and what are the hidden costs of providing quality care? We talk with teachers, administrators, and consultants to get a variety of perspectives and opinions on the issue. Join in the conversation and give us a listen with these insights into the lives of early childhood professionals

 Buell Leaders Discuss Pyramid Plus

In this episode of the BECLN Podcast, we feature the Pyramid Plus framework. This framework works to assist teachers in identifying the relationships they have with students, and works to mitigate challenging behaviors in the classroom. Check out our Buell Leaders in the field as they walk you through the Pyramid Plus Program, its uniqueness, and stories of success.